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Welcome to Primal Satanism
This is a place that endeavors to inform and stimulate the Satanist to use thinking and reason as their primary criteria in measuring their decisions, beliefs and actions. Mankind's great advantage as an evolved primate is his complex brain and, therefore, the thought process has been responsible for his millions of years of survival. Primal Satanism sees no valid reason that we should change what has worked well for so long.

There are several types of articles and support BLOGs associated with Primal Satanism. Some articles will be here and others can be accessed on the support BLOGs.

One important article series is called "The Voice of Reason in Satanism." It addresses the critical thinking that is the foundation of the success of mankind and promoted by Primal Satanism.

A companion BLOG is The Jezebel Spirit : for the Satanic Woman. It is dedicated to the optimization of the female resource without which the world of humanity would not exist.

I hope you enjoy the writings and you are welcome to make comments.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carswell/Vera Discussion Opus Diaboli

This is a response to an article on Opus Diaboli regarding the Satanist views regarding social issues relating to the poor and working class values, work ethic and problems to society.


I believe Satanism, whether it be symbolic or a traditional type requires practical thinking and attention to real world issues, kept in balance not only through problem-solving but in being realistic as to the basic nature of humankind and its needs.
Before I comment upon this writing, I want to make my own position known regarding the state of the world. I support the neotribalist and anarchoprimitivist analysis that the erosion of our cultures is not because human nature has changed or is even at fault, but that its tendency toward degeneration is due to the effects of stress from our impersonal culture and departure from its original, compatible environment; the tribe.
The tide turned when industrialized agriculture was overdeveloped, steadily increasing concentrations of overpopulation requiring expansion, armies needed to be raised and implemented to force colonization which then created and advanced slavery, or Imperial control.
Came the birth of the State, substituting an impersonal entity for the tribal leader, not truly representative of the people as whole, but requiring them as citizens or colonies to conform to survive. Those that adapt or excel survive and prosper and the unadaptable do neither. The latter become the burdens to society and a problem to be solved or ignored. Ignore the problem or fail at solving it and the problem grows, threatening the society. Most societies collapse from within.
It should be noted that the "salvation" religions (including Buddhism and Hindu sects teaching the transmigration of the soul) arose at the time of this rise of the industrialization of agriculture and the state. I believe they were coping mechanisms in response to the destruction of cultures due to colonial expansion.
I am not so naive that I believe Humpty Dumpty can be put back together again. However, even as LaVey wrote in the Satanic Bible, we should not ignore past orthodoxies. We can learn from the past what worked and compare it with our present system which doesn't, often to discover a way toward solving our problems.
Technology is not wholly to blame for the downward spiral of humanity, but more that the system which encouraged its over-development within the flawed ideology of paternalism and system of the State are both impersonal and based upon control and punishment. As each empire grows larger, the closer it approaches its own destruction.
I am far less worried about the earth than I am about humankind. If we continue at the rate with no major change in our habits, evolution will take care of our problem (ie., us) through extinction. Whether it will be the extreme of extinction is a matter of which cataclysm comes first. Waning fossil fuel resources and global economic crises may actually be what delays our demise.
We have a few choices. We can continue with our present culture and institute some radical changes in our management, hoping for the best. A more difficult and probably unpopular road would be to begin reinstituting some of the ways of support and management that worked in primitive tribal societies.
For instance, in the matter of the growing poor, ignorant and unambitious that you mention. On a smaller, tribal level, this would rarely happen. This was due mainly to the personal involvement and investment each member of the tribe had in its community. There was a place for everyone and work and resources were distributed equally. If the tribe was short of food, the chief also was effected by the shortage.
On another matter you mentioned, the tribe all held certain beliefs and values. I read about one incident related by Joseph Campbell in his Faces of God DVD series which involved an couple who were infidelous. A man had an affair with another man's wife. The simple equity of it struck me. Once discovered, the man was lightly beaten by the men and the woman the same by the women to show their displeasure in disrupting the harmony of the tribe. Then a scenario was "acted out" so the couple coule make a free decision in the matter. The men "play" guard over the woman to protect her from the custom of her abduction which will be done by the man who now wants her. He will fight his way through the guards who defend half-heartedly until the man reaches the woman being guarded. Then she has a choice of whether to stay with her husband and be faithful or leave with the man who wants her. The man can also choose to be "defeated" by her defenders and honorably bow out. Either way, the incident is as forgotten by the tribe members. Each of them is respected for their wants. However, the consequences of her choosing her new suitor is that they both must leave the tribe. Most of these couples choose to stay because it is a serious thing to be forced to leave the tribe. Other tribes will not accept them and they will be virtually on their own.
The above situation would be impractical in this day, unless we are speaking about a community like the Amish or Mennonites. And this would be the main problem in newly formed communities/tribes; the lack of a shared heritage, culture, belief and investment in the tribe. What with immigration and globalization, these important roots are lost even more. What tribes or strong cultures with much heredity and investment do still exist are threatened by the post modern global culture of the state, technology and politics and given no alternative but to defend themselves or be destroyed.
It is Imperialism and paternalism that must be left behind, or carried to its furthest extreme despite some obvious dire consequences. Then we would need to implement forced sterilization and exterminating the uncooperative, criminal and unadaptable, and sacrificing our values and humanity in the process, even though we support and sustain the culture that created them. From there it is not far that our values may move toward how expedient it would become to also erradicate the handicapped, mentally ill or elderly when they fail at productivity.
I would hope for at least a synthesis within the present culture could be developed, keeping a happy medium between a satisfying lifestyle, economic reform and retaining some of the best of technology.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Satanism and Prosperity

From The Voice of Reason in Satanism article series
Satanism for the Common People

Definition of prosperity : The condition of enjoying wealth, success, or good fortune
We all want to become smart and successful enough to live the lifestyle wherein we can be satisfied and have an income that is somewhere above survival. Yet, we should not become stuck within a materialistic wealth ideal, enslaved into a perpetual state of dissatisfaction with our present situation. Survival is a necessity. Adequate, steady income is sufficient to live in moderate comfort. Being "rich" is in the eye of the beholder.
Robert Kiyosaki in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad at the end of chapter 3 defines wealth as income generated from your assets that cover your monthly expenses. This is not from wages but from income generating assets. Ask yourself, if you lost your job, would your assets provide adequate income to meet your expenses. This is the beginning foundation for understanding and acheiving wealth. And we cannot stop here in defining prosperity and wealth in the entire scope of our life. Attention must be given to every aspect in our life to acheive fulfillment and balance. A businessman successful in the area of material gain and possessions may neglect his family and relationships through placing all his efforts into work. He has traded something equally or even more important to him, the people dear to him, a major reason why he worked for financial security. His victory is hollow. We need not sacrifice or neglect an important area of our life for success in one area. Balance is key.

You may want to ask yourself this question. How is success measured?
A fine family
A good relationship
A steady income
A bank account
A comfortable home
A growing satisfying spiritual life
A creative outlet
A continual process of self-education and intellectual stimuli.
A good self image

Believe in yourself and in your present state of progress. Don't be ashamed of your present state, but if you are unhappy and unsatisfied with it, make plans and work toward changing it.
It is nothing less than sensible to point people to real life issues first. Spirituality is great, people need it, but if the rest of your life sucks, it amounts to an anesthetic patch to help you endure it. That appears to be the main purpose of Christianity and all the other "salvation" religions; to ease the pain and help you endure existence. If your faith or philosophy does not inspire you to crawl out of whatever undesirable state you are in, use it as encouragement and empowerment by all means, but not as a bandaid and pacifier. One's faith may not seem to be the avenue where one should look to for inspiration to success in life, but it can be. It is one aspect of becoming a complete and fulfilled person.
The idea that becoming a Satanist will make you successful is as much in error as the idea that becoming a Christian will make you successful. In fact, culturally speaking, if you want to "dress for success" it makes more sense to be a Christian. Notice many of the foreign businesses who put Christian symbols or blessings on their signs to indicate that they are "one of us", that they are "safe and good" people(ie. our culture is predominantly Christian). It is akin to flying the American flag. Just like the Masons and Mormons within their clubbish sphere help our their brothers, so do Christian businessmen and patrons in a community. It makes less sense, if you are working to optimize your finance and job success, to let it be known you are a Satanist, especially to inspire fear or to brag or shock, it could be detrimental. In an everyday situation, it has more of a chance of being an impediment, especially if a good reputation does not preceed you. As long as you are somewhat socially acceptable and personable, if you have enough social sense to project an image that you "belong" and you are "okay", you can have a similar edge without advertising that you subscribe to or are against any particular religion. One should not have to hide or be ashamed of their religion, but if you do choose to reveal it, create the groundwork so you can present yourself with credibility, poise and consistency.

Which brings us back to real life issues. Just because Christians believe god blesses them, does not mean he will and they will be a success in life. To have the gods "on your side" is well and good, but it is your input and action in real life that is going to make success happen (how ever you define it).
I think that many get the idea that Satanism means success and if you are not, you're a flop, or you haven't gotten there yet. The mistake that mindset makes, at least in some leaders' interpretations, is the sole focus on financial/material success. That is certainly the American Dream, the American Way (or was), but is that the main focus of Satanism? Sorry folks, but focusing on the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and winning the lottery goes right back to LaVey's distain for pipedreams. I don't think material success was LaVey's primary focus. I believe his own focus and probably of Satanism's is to define a "good life" for yourself and then acheive it. To hell with someone else's definition. LaVey didn't march to anyone's drum and did not imply in the Satanic Bible that you should.
From what we see, LaVey's life strategy was to be himself and make a dent in society that was not there before. He wanted to do both and still make some money. He accomplished that. But he hardly became rich on it. He lived adequately and enjoyed himself. He supported his family. I can't see that his aim was to be wealthy unless what we see that he accomplished was the best he could do. The Black House was rather campy, eccentricly furnished and even tacky, but neither extravagant nor opulent. Was LaVey a success as most would judge it? He had more than his 15 minutes of fame, but was he successful by American material standards? He and his family lived adquately, but not in luxury. What we find in the end is that he himself was not only a wreck, but so were his relationships. The Black House was in disrepair and even his wife was evicted. His wives and children wrote books exposing his cruelty and inadequacy. Is that the mark of a successful Satanist? I don't think these people were successful at all because they lacked the main ingredient, the end result; happiness. Is Satanism a good philosophy? Yes, I think so. Did these people take care of business and a balanced life and achieve happiness? Look at the results and answer the question yourself.
Below are some excerpts from a newspaper article from the San Francisco Chronicle on the Black House, Lavey and his family.

"If the condition of the infamous Black House is any indication, San Francisco's Church of Satan has really gone to hell.
For three decades, this sinister Richmond District home, painted black and smoky purple, was the worldwide headquarters of Anton LaVey, whose blend of sex, Satan and showmanship made him the media's favorite devil worshiper.
Today, the property at 6114 California St. looks like the Addams Family home after a Saturday night frat party. Smashed furniture and a soiled mattress lay amid a mountain of garbage in the small front yard, behind a tall chain-link fence topped with barbed wire.
Adding insult to injury, some blasphemous graffiti artist has scrawled the words ``Jesus Rulz'' on the mail slot.
LaVey, 67, died of heart disease in 1997, two days before Halloween, at (of all places) St. Mary's Hospital in San Francisco.
Often called ``the Black Pope,'' LaVey has left behind a messy legacy of lawsuits, family infighting and decaying real estate.
At issue was a handwritten will dated March 9, 1995, in which LaVey left Barton ``all writings, artwork, property and holdings.'' Continuing royalties from his books, including his 1969 manifesto, the ``Satanic Bible,'' were to be held in a trust for Xerxes ``unless Blanche Barton deems otherwise.''
Karla LaVey challenged the will in a lawsuit filed last year, contending that her father ``was not of sound and disposing mind and was under the influence of medication.''
She further alleged that Barton had ``undue influence'' over her ailing father because, as his only caregiver, she ``threatened to leave him if he did not do what she wanted.''
In response, Barton posted a proclamation on the Internet, a favorite vehicle for satanic communication, accusing Karla LaVey of falsely ``claiming the title of High Priestess of the Church of Satan for herself.'' ``Though she has reluctantly agreed to a handful of interviews over recent years,'' Barton wrote, ``she hasn't participated in the actual operation of the Church for a very long time.''
Barton has also sought to deny any inheritance to Anton LaVey's younger daughter, Schreck, noting that she joined a rival satanic sect, the Temple of Set, and publicly denounced her "un-father'' in 1990.
LaVey lost ownership of the Black House in 1991, when a San Francisco judge ordered him to sell the property, along with his satanic memorabilia, and split the money with his estranged wife.
Despite the liquidation sale, the Black Pope was able to remain in the Black House by selling the property to a friend, San Francisco real estate developer Donald Werby, who let LaVey live out his final years in the notorious home.
After LaVey's death, Barton started a fund-raising campaign to buy the house back and turn it into a historic landmark, hoping to create a San Francisco shrine to the birthplace of latter-day devil worship. Just before she was evicted last summer, Barton sent a letter to members of the church, calling the property a priceless piece of satanic history.
While Barton tried to raise money to save the Black House, several would-be satanists complained to The Chronicle about lengthy delays in processing their $100 membership fees to join the church, which they sent to a San Francisco post office.
``The Church of Satan is dead as an entity,'' said one disgruntled member. ``Its High Priests and Magisters have become nothing more than absentee landlords trying to convince those inside and out that they still exist so the money keeps coming in.''
High Priestess Barton, who is now living in San Diego, declined a request for an interview.
But another church leader, Magister Peter Gilmore, disputes reports that the Church of Satan has gone to hell.
``The church is fine,'' said Gilmore, a church leader in New York City. ``Part of the application process is testing people to see if they have patience.''
``We want people to live their own lives, so we leave them hanging to see how they respond,'' he said. ``You are your own God.''
Meanwhile, the future of the Black House remains uncertain. Barton nows says she has called off her campaign to raise $400,000 to buy the property, saying donations fell way short, and promises that donors' money will be returned.
``We aren't abandoning all hope for the Black House,'' she wrote in a follow-up letter. ``We have been in contact with a number of organizations in San Francisco who make it their business to see that historically significant homes aren't destroyed.''
Werby, the owner of the property, has his own troubles. He pleaded guilty in 1990 to two misdemeanor counts of statutory rape of underage prostitutes and to two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor by offering a place for drug use.
Executives at Werby's Grosvenor Properties referred questions about the Black House to Werby's son, Todd, who said the home has been devilishly difficult to sell.
``We've talked to a few brokers, but it's not easily marketed as a house,'' he said. ``It is in such a state of disrepair.''
Satan's Den in Great Disrepair Relatives of S.F. hellhound Anton LaVey battle over `Black House'San Francisco Chronicle/January 25, 1999By Don Lattin

The jungle can be hostile and dangerous but those are the exceptions, not the rule. We came from the jungle and just like the Satanic Bible says, we are animals just like the rest of the world's creatures. Let us look to our real life issues first and build on those. Define your own realistic vision of happiness and success. Conquer each obstacle one at a time, learning to maintain balance every step of the way. If you don't know how to live, look to others and what they are doing. If your parents did it wrong, in your opinion, do the opposite or try your better way. Set your sights on those who provide a realistic example. If you are clever enough, invent your own, but don't evolve toward unfitness for your environment. Balance your life. If one part lacks, take steps toward filling in that void. That is a formula for success.
Best of luck and happiness to all Satanists.
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